When money interfere code it does not fun

20 Feb 2023·3 min read·🇬🇧

For some people code is not just the career that bring you a money. It means a lot that bring enjoyment and satisfiaction when building something useful. That is like have a lego and assemble it to a great building. Whether people judge it is good or not, it does not matter. Atleast, ourself think it is good, we will be fine. Appreciation is bonus, though.

However we cannot avoid that we need money to live. That is a real fact that we should accept. Maybe you are wondering why the things that you like to do and be able as a career turns out to be the things that you does not like. The answer is you are not free to do anything.

  1. Free to do it anytime & anywhere

A hobby is a thing that you want to do without any pressure. You can do it with flexibility time and anywhere that you want. A job pay you for completing something that you agreed. Human is very bad for planning, over estimate for 50% of your expectation because even though you know, you will never know what happens after. The first time you agreed or you planned, you know the deadline is. Then the closer you from the deadline, the more pressure you get.

  1. Free to express an idea

A toy is a things that you can play. Play whatever you like as long as it works, but in contrast with the job that you should going with the way that maybe you cannot accept. Code is like an art, whenever is art that also means it would be subjective. There is no right or wrong answer but the room to listen is must.

  1. Free from a conflict

The job usually require to use to do a team work. You should keep the toy is still playable for the others. That's also means you should put your head together with others. When there's a different thought, we should make sure who ever that have different thought should convince to accept the decision.

A dream job should fulfill those aspect, but sometimes we should accept the reality that your job might be not like these. However, you should try to changes and fight for those. Don't be a loser before war. It's better to lose war and learn something.