How To Configure Git Config On Specific Directory

25 Jan 2023·2 min read·🇬🇧

Git config contain user data who commit the changes of code. The data can be seen by cloning the repository and check the commit details with command git log or GUI client. There would be awful moment if we attach funny name or credentials of the company in the wrong place. Thus, we need to manage the git config carefully.

For example we have these directory

|-- work
|   |-- project-a
|   |-- project-b
|   |-- project-c
`-- side-project
    |-- project-d
    `-- project-e

For work folder we want to set the email as [email protected] and the name as Firmansyah Yanuar since that's should be using company email to be seen professional. Then, for the side project we want to set the email as [email protected] and the name as The Lazy Coders. In my experience the email important we open sourcing the project to get green github activities.

The git config itself stored in your root folder that you can check it in ~/.gitconfig. To initial or modify the config we can use these commands:

git config --global Firmansyah Yanuar
git config --global [email protected]

Then the configuration would be setted as a global configuration which mean whenever you commit that configuration would be used.

Configurate manually

We can configurate manually on each project by using these command:

cd path/to/repository
git config Firmansyah Yanuar
git config [email protected]

That command would affect only for the directory you had. That is very straight forward but imagine we have a lot of repositories.

Configurate with .gitconfig

	name = Firmansyah Yanuar
	email = [email protected]
	defaultBranch = main
[includeIf "gitdir:~/code/explore/"]
	path = ~/.casualgitconfig
[includeIf "gitdir:~/code/other/"]
	path = ~/.casualgitconfig